• Many investors seek income from dividends, but are concerned about capital losses.  It is possible to protect your portfolio.  This report will show you the current market costs.
  • Investors can implement “do it yourself” equity protection for effective risk management.  The ASX offers investor education at their web-site.
  • We calculate the annualized cost for ‘blue chip’ higher yielding stocks based upon current market conditions, varying the duration of protection and capital at risk.  Market conditions are constantly changing.

We have obtained live market prices with strike prices closest to 0%, 5% and 10% capital at risk.  The analysis is based upon the cost after the receipt of dividends.  We have calculated the level of implied volatility and then extrapolated the option price to enable a comparison across the stocks and the index.  These have been converted to an annualized cost based on holding the option position to expiry.

The historical issue that always protecting your portfolio is expensive is addressed through the management of ASX options, made possible through advances in technology and deregulation.

Gyrostat’s key competitive advantage is the ability to always be fully invested with a risk-return profile at all times to participate in share price upside with minimal capital at risk, at the stock specific level. 


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