Absolute Return Income Equity Fund:

  • A defensive asset combining returns, income and protection
  • Designed to generate strong returns in changing markets

Investment objectives:

  • Returns: 6%-8% in trending markets, greater than 8% in changing markets, short term bond returns in stable markets
  • Income: Minimum cash rate BBSW 90 + 3% (currently 4.7% pa) from dividends and franking credits paid semi annually
  • Protection: No quarterly NAV draw-downs exceeding 2%

Downside Protection Australian Equities Fund:

  • Protect your existing growth assets. Leave them where they are
  • Add Gyrostat to ride out the storm and make money when other strategies don’t
  • Profits promptly distributed to investors in cash

Investment objectives:

  • Designed to increase in value on market falls, particularly large falls, whilst not capping upside should markets rise

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Meet Our Team

Broad experience in a wide range of disciplines, particularly in finance and the financial markets in the Asia Pacific region.


Craig Racine

Managing Director
Chief Investment Officer

Peter Clifton

Board of Directors

Andrew Smith

Compliance & Risk Management
David Barwise

David Barwise


Leo Tang

Senior Investment Officer

Gemma Malone

Office Manager

Our team has extensive experience domestically and globally, as investors, as non-executive directors, and as senior management in funds management, private equity, industry, investment banking, and equity research.

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