Applications are accepted monthly. Our Application process has 3 stages.

1. Eligibility of investors

Gyrostat Absolute Return Income Equity Fund is a 'wholesale' fund. To meet this requirement The Corporations Regulations prescribe an income or asset criteria.

Most investors satisfy the requirements by one of these provisions.

  • Gross income of at least $ 250,000 in each of the last two financial years; or
  • Net assets of at least $ 2.5 million; or
  • If you invest $ 500,000 or more you are deemed an eligible investor

Our minimum investment is A$ 50,000.

An example of a wholesale investor letter to be completed by your accountant is attached, click here to download

2. Identifying the investor

We are required to confirm your identify.

  • For individuals, a certified copy of passport or drivers licence is sufficient (there are other acceptable methods detailed in the form.)
  • For corporate entities, we require the name of Directors and Shareholders

3. Investor declarations - sign the form

Like all Australian funds, we comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (2006).

We are conscious that some investors may require assistance in completing the form. Please contact our team on 02 8022 8494 who can assist.

Online applications can be made by clicking the link below - for ease of application was have now outsourced to a third party provider Olivia123

Online Applications

Memorandum Absolute Return Financial Services Guide

Our Fees

Our base fee is 1% of the net asset value of the fund paid monthly in arrears.
To align our interests with our investors, there is the potential for our team to earn a performance fee. The performance fee is 15% of the increase in the NAV above the hurdle rate subject to a high water mark.
Full details are contained in our Information Memorandum.