2016 05 Crossroads report

Crossroads report: Risk managed equity income funds


The cash rate is now at 1.75% pa following Tuesdays interest rate cut. 

The traditional investment approaches for conservative investors are fragile and exposed and have produced a painful dilemma - invest in cash and term deposits and receive insufficient income.

Invest in blue chip high yielding shares are be subject to market fluctuations in the value of your nest egg.

In our crossroads report: "Risk managed equity funds:  Conservative investing in volatile times" we outline:

- Today's investment challenges

- A framework to review conservative investment products

- The ideal solution: buy blue chip shares with 'insurance'


- The Gyrostat approach


Gyrostat's key competitive advantage is the ability to always be fully invested in high yielding blue chip stocks with a risk-return profile at all times to participate in share price upside with minimal capital at risk, at the stock specific level.

You can download our Crossroads Report on “Risk managed equity funds:  Conservative investing in volatile times" by clicking here.

We remain well placed to deliver better than our funds benchmark returns over the coming 6 months.

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