The Gyrostat unique investment approach is to buy and hold blue chip shares with insurance on the ASX.  There has been considerably commentary, without offering a solution, for investors wanting higher income while always protecting and growing their investment. Term deposits provide insufficient income, whilst traditional investments in growth assets leave investors exposed to large losses in capital. 

The historical issue that always protecting your portfolio is expensive is addressed through the management of ASX options, made possible through advances in technology and deregulation. Technology enables our software systems to identify the lowest cost insurance (ASX bought put) alternatives.  On market moves we re-set the insurance level, made possible by lower fees from deregulation.

Our unique approach is always a 'hockey stick' pay off profile, to participate in the upside with minimal capital at risk.

These are ideal conditions for Gyrostat with falling interest rates and rising stock market volatility. Our view is interest rates will stay low for an extended period, and stock market volatility will increase.  The fragilities of traditional investment approaches will become more apparent.

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