2019 09 16 GARIEF returns image

Gyrostat has for 35 consecutive quarters operated within a 'hard' defined risk parameter (no more than 3% capital at risk with our maximum draw-down 2.2% in any circumstances) always in place, delivered regular income by passing through ASX-20 dividends, and met returns guidance based upon market conditions (demonstrating increasing returns with market volatility).  The Fund buys and holds ASX-20 shares with lowest cost protection always in place with upside.  It is an 'alternative - defensive' conservative asset allocation. 

With the evolution of our investment processes and raising the ‘hard’ quarterly risk tolerance from 2% to 3% (in February 2019) we upgrade our returns guidance in stable markets to the 90 day bank bill swap rate ("BBSW 90"+ 3%). Our Investment Strategy allows up to 10% of the  Fund’s assets to be invested in international assets. We anticipate returns in all market environments of at least BBSW 90 + 3% (enabling investors to receive income and capital growth.)

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