• Traditional investment approaches are ill-equipped for today’s climate with low interest rates and rising levels of stock market volatility.  There is a need for risk managed investments in growth assets.
  • Both asset classes ‘income’ and ‘growth’ assets have fragility in today’s investment climate.  “Income” assets such as cash and term deposits provide insufficient income with no prospect for any capital growth.  “Growth” assets, investing directly in blue chip high yielding shares, or conventional income funds, leave investors exposed to falls in the value of investments in this fragile and highly indebted global environment.  The traditional approach is to blend the two.
  • There is a need for risk managed investments in growth assets.  The ideal solution is to buy blue chip shares with insurance with a “hockey stick” payoff always in place – always participate in the upside with minimal capital at risk.  This delivers higher income while always protecting and growing the investors’ capital.


The Gyrostat unique investment approach is to buy and hold blue chip shares with insurance on the ASX.  The historical issue that always protecting your portfolio is expensive is addressed through the management of ASX options, made possible through advances in technology and deregulation.

Have now launched 2 regular publications to provide insights into risk management of an equity portfolio.

1) Gyrations - global snapshot of the world (in pictures), key upcoming news flow with market pricing of outcomes based on the flow of money, not endless opinions.

2) "Do it yourself" risk management of an equity portfolio, current costs (market conditions continually changing) - details the insurance policies available.

If you'd like to receive regular copies, please send email to info@gyrostat.com.au to be added to our distribution.


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