Gyrostat Absolute Return Income Equity Fund

Frequency Asked Questions


1.  Investors: How will your fund improve my lifestyle?

2.  Advisers: What are the key attributes of investment performance?

3.  Asset consultants: How are you generating alpha in your Fund and why does the Sharpe ratio increase with market volatility?

4.  Multi managers: Why should we add your Fund as distinct from other risk managed investment approaches?

5.  Distribution partners: What are your business expansion plans?

6. Family offices/industry super funds: Do you operate under investment mandate, and can you protect our existing assets without triggering capital gains tax liabilities?

7. Product developers/structured product groups:  Can we engage Gyrostat to develop products specific to our geographic market at a risk-tolerance we define?

8. Philanthropic:  Why should donors invest with Gyrostat?

9.  Partners: The Financial System Inquiry noted the absence of product for equity income in retirement.

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