2016 06 30 Gyrations Cover

In this fortnightly report we provide insights into risk management of an equity portfolio.

    • Global macro conditions (in pictures) with key upcoming data release with market pricing of outcomes based upon the flow of money (where available)

Our investment view is that interest rates will stay low for an extended period, and stock market volatility will increase.  During 2012-2015 the level of volatility was low by historical standards.  Our expectation is that volatility will increase, leading to “risk-on”, “risk-off” investing market characteristics only distantly related to fundamentals.  Volatility has started to increase in 2016.

With this view, there is a need to expand the range of ‘income’ assets to include risk managed equity funds.  Re-allocating ‘income’ to ‘growth’ assets in search of higher returns exposes investors to substantial fluctuations in capital value.  

The ideal solution is to buy blue chip shares with insurance resulting in a “hockey stick” payoff always in place – always participate in the upside with minimal capital at risk.  This delivers higher income while always protecting and growing the investors’ capital.  This forms part of an ‘income’ allocation of a portfolio and is suitable for all investors.

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