2022 02 Gyrations cover


Gyrostat Risk Managed Equity Fund (GRME Fund): The GMRE Fund aims to deliver retiree income with downside protection through risk managed investing. 

Risk managed investing has protection always in place (dynamically managed as per global best practise), with returns designed to increase with market volatility, and regular income through the complete investment cycle.

Gyrostat class A has operated for 45 consecutive quarters with no losses exceeding 3%, our pre-defined risk tolerance.

The GRME Fund dynamically hedges with an options ovelay to protect against capital losses (in the event of significant market falls below predetermined ‘hard’ protection levels) in respect of the underlying GRME Fund assets and to provide regular targeted income payments.

By way of illustration only, dynamic protection costs are shown at February 2, for a defined period of time and adjusting ‘excess’ in increments of 2.5% at 5.0%, 7.5% and 10.0%.

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