In this monthly report we provide data to assist in assessing risk in an equity portfolio.  Substantial changes to market valuations often occur as investors adjust portfolios for new data, particularly where it differs from the ‘consensus’ view.

Key indicators we consider are:

  • Global macro conditions (in pictures)
  • Key upcoming data releases, with market pricing of outcomes (where available)
    • Interest rates
    • GDP announcements
    • Inflation announcements
  • Geopolitical developments


We consider the market pricing of ‘risk’ and current market valuations.

  • Volatility
  • Share price levels

Our overall assessment, which is shared by many other commentators, is that in this macro environment, both ‘income’ and ‘growth’ asset classes have fragilities. 

With this view, there is a need to expand the range of ‘income’ and ‘growth’ assets to include risk managed equity funds.  Such funds trade off some of the upside to ensure against downside risk.  It is possible to manage the risk profile of such funds by varying the underlying assets and the risk-return parameters.

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