2019 06 30 Gyrostat promotional Cialdini approach v3

Executive Summary

  • Falling interest rates are highlighting the limited range of investments that deliver a regular and stable income stream with capital security. 
  • Equity protected funds provide a risk managed exposure to growth assets.  There are many financial products being marketed on the basis of risk mitigation.  However, protection at all times is rarely in place.
  • Advances in investment risk management enable cost effective protection to always be in place for a ‘hard’ defined risk parameter (say no more than 3% capital at risk).
  • The Gyrostat Absolute Return Income Equity Fund is a conservative fund  with ‘hard’ protection always in place, a 9 year track record of no quarterly NAV draw-downs exceeding 3%, regular equity income, and demonstrated returns increasing with volatility levels. (with tail hedge in place for large gains on large market falls).

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