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Gyrostat has been driven by a fundamental belief that for investors portfolio structure is the path to excellence. In seeking to provide unique value to investors, we looked at the assumptions implicit in traditional portfolio design and identified fragilities which have arisen from changes to market conditions.

We then designed our Fund to create an ‘add on piece’ to typical portfolios to address these known weaknesses. 

Gyrostat has a 10 year track record of no downside exceeding -2.2% in any circumstances.  And our returns have increased with levels of market volatility (both up and down), consistent with our guidance.

Developing additional Fund elevated return features

After consulting extensively with our investors and industry participants, we have further refined our Fund features to add more value to investors’ portfolios.

We were asked whether we could diversify the market conditions under which our returns would be more elevated, while leaving our protection and income features unchanged.

- Make money on ‘large’ market falls – the ‘left’ tail.

- Make money on large stock gains – the ‘right’ tail.

- Increase Fund exposure to include a broad range of international assets

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