Income and risk returns with volatility image

The two key global investment issues today are: 

    • Achieving a regular and stable income stream in a low interest rate environment with capital security.
    • Elevated risk of major market corrections in a ‘late cycle’ environment of stock market volatility impacting capital returns. 

Our solution is to buy equities, always protected to a defined ‘hard’ risk tolerance.  The underlying asset and ‘hard’ risk tolerance is varied depending upon the need being addressed. 

    • Conservative assets:  Buy higher yielding ‘blue chip’ stocks/index to a ‘hard’ risk parameter of no capital losses to exceed 2% in a quarter.
      • Track record: 8 years of delivering our investment objectives- returns increase with volatility levels. 
      • Includes a 'tail hedge' buying additional protection for large gains on large market falls
    • Growth assets: Buy highly liquid ETF/stocks to a ‘hard’ risk parameter no capital losses to exceed 5% monthly or 10% per quarter. 

This innovative Australian approach is highly scalable, highly liquid, transparent in pricing, and the counter party is the relevant stock exchange (addressing credit quality issues). 

    • The only requirement is highly liquid exchange traded options.
    • Addresses a global issue: Can be rolled out across other countries and equity assets.

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