2019 08 06 incept perform graph and features

Falling interest rates are highlighting the limited range of investments that deliver a regular and stable income stream with capital security. 

Article contents:

1.  A framework for desired product features – Financial System Inquiry

2.  Investment risk management approaches

3.  Investment risk management advances from technology and deregulation - always in place

4.  The Gyrostat Absolute Return Income Equity Fund 

Gyrostat has for 34 consecutive quarters operated within a ‘hard’ defined risk parameter (no more than 3% capital at risk) always in place, delivered regular income by passing through ASX20 dividends, and met returns guidance based upon market conditions (demonstrating increasing returns with market volatility.)  The fund buys and holds ASX 20 shares with lowest cost protection always in place with upside.

5.  Frequently asked questions 

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