2016 04 15 Blog

Innovative retirement income products – diversified income with capital stability

A perfect storm - An ageing population in a low interest rate, highly indebted world


The current global economic environment has produced a painful dilemma for retirement planning - invest in cash and term deposits and you receive insufficient income; invest in blue chip high yielding shares and you are subject to market fluctuations in the value of your nest egg.  Many in the so called ‘Mum’s and Dad’s index’ such as the Australian banks, BHP and Telstra have seen share price falls of around 30% or more since April 2015. 

Investing too much in defensive assets may mean that the growth in their portfolio does not keep up with what is required and savings may run out earlier than anticipated.  However, investing too much in growth assets means that the assets are more exposed to market volatility and may also run out earlier than anticipate.

There is a solution, made possible by advances in technology and deregulation.  


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