Melbourne boutique investment firm Gyrostat Capital’s Risk Managed Equity Fund (ARSN 651 853 799) (Fund) Class B Units are the top performing and Class A Units are the 4th top performing absolute return funds in Australia over the 12 months to 31 March 2023 according to FE Analytics .

The Leveraged Absolute Return Income Equity Class B Units achieved a 12 month return to 31 March 2023 of +26.23%, and Absolute Return Income Equity Class A Units returned + 18.90%.

The Fund’s Class A units have a 12-year track record of no quarterly downside losses greater than 3 per cent. 

“The Gyrostat offering utilises global best practice risk management that has protection always in place. The protection is not ‘set and forget’ and is adjusted with market moves. The Fund has a track record of returns increasing with volatility. Returns are generated in rising and falling markets, meaning they are non-correlated with the market.” says founder and CEO Craig Racine.

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