2022 12 31 FEAnalytics top2 capture

Gyrostat Risk Managed Equity Fund - corporate presentation at 31 December 2022

Absolute returns (non correlated) and income with protection always in place (dynamic hedging).

Dynamic hedging risk management:  Protection always in place adjusted with market moves (not set and forget). 

  • 12 month returns Class A + 19.69%, Class B + 29.06%
  • Returns in rising and falling markets increasing with volatility
  • Non correlated with market beta with low monthly volatility
  • Class A: 12 years of no quarterly losses > 3% (pre-defined 'hard' limit)
  • Class A: Downside ‘tail’ always in place for gains on large market falls
  • Class A:  Sequencing risk solution - add to retiree portfolios
  • Class B:  Focuses on greater returns and less risk protection
  • SQM Research 4 stars, Superior, High Investment Grade Rating
  • Top 2 performing absolute return funds in Australia 12 M to 31 Dec 2022 – FE Analytics
  • Forward guidance returns FY2022-23 at top of range (greater than 8%) - based upon increased capital deployed to commodity stocks and continuing market volatility


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