2023 06 Corporate Presentation Capture

Gyrostat is a lower risk fund with capital always protected, reliable income, and returns in rising and falling markets (including in a market crash class A).  The Fund’s Class A units have a 12-year track record of no quarterly downside losses greater than 3 per cent.

Portfolio construction:  Adding non correlated beta with alpha brings diversification benefits - higher risk adjusted returns

Diversification reduces portfolio risk where the portfolio blends investments with risk and returns profile that behavior differently from the market (ie: lower correlation).  Gyrostat has demonstrated this since our inception in 2010 with non correlated returns to the market, offering significant diversification benefits to increase risk adjusted portfolio returns.


  •  Gyrostat Class A delivered a 12 month return of +9.11%; class B + 14.28%, with Class A 2 year return 10.68% pa (returns in rising and falling markets)
  •  Shares always protected:  Absolute returns and income with protection always in place (dynamic hedging) adjusted with market moves (not set and forget).
  • Strong returns are anticipated in the upcoming September quarter. Our forward guidance for 2023-24 returns is at the top of our range. Rising market volatility and our increasing exposure to commodity stocks is the basis for this guidance.
  • Regular quarterly income class A BBSW3M + 3% (currently minimum 7.35% pa)
  • Daily liquidity and no locks ins
  • Track record of returns increasing with market volatility (‘changing’ markets since Jan 2022)
  • SQM Research 4 stars, Superior, High Investment Grade Rating
  • Platform availability Hub24, Netwealth, Mason Stevens, Powerwrap

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