The two key global investment issues today are:


  • Achieving a regular and stable income stream in a low interest rate environment with capital security – “defensive” assets.


  • Elevated risk of major market corrections in a ‘late cycle’ environment of stock market volatility impacting capital returns – “growth” assets.


Our solution is to buy equities, always protected to a defined ‘hard’ risk tolerance.  The underlying asset and ‘hard’ risk tolerance is varied depending upon the need being addressed.


Risk managed investing is particularly important during high PE periods/later stage bull markets.  The risk of a major correction is elevated - we are now in the longest bull market since WW2.  Most large correction occurs within 8 years, we are now at year 12, with the longest on record 13 years.




  1. Absolute Return Income Equity Fund - combines income, returns, protection at ‘hard’ 3% quarterly
  2. Investment mandates - Domestic
  3. Investment mandates – International
  4. Partner for growth index fund

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