2017 05 01 Gyrations cover Capture

The gap in today’s market for conservative investors is a fund offering protection always in place with absolute returns through the investment cycle (capital growth in trending and more volatile markets including large market falls).

Our feature article explains the evolution of risk management.

Phase 1:  Traditional approach – varying allocation ‘income’ and ‘growth’ assets

Phase 2:  Protection sometimes in place – predictive risk management overlay used in place of growth assets

Phase 3:  Protection always in place, the Gyrostat approach, that complements existing approaches and is used in place of short term bonds


The Gyrations risk model considers the implications of geopolitical, macroeconomic and company valuations on investor risk.  Increased volatility is often experienced around key data releases relating to interest rates, growth, inflation rates, and key political events.

Our report details the investment landscape (in pictures) with dates of key upcoming data releases.

Risk managed equity funds protect against conservative investors natural aversion to share market volatility and its impact on investment capital by delivering stable and rising returns with regular income.

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