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Gyrostat Apr 2016 Performance Report

5 years + track record of 5.1% - 7.6% annualized returns since inception through investment cycle

If your objective is to generate a higher level of income than cash and term deposits, whilstalways protecting and growing your capital investment, our fund can help.

Specifically, do you want:-

  1. Higher level of income than cash and term deposits?
  2. To take advantage of the large blue chip share price falls to ‘lock in’ the near decade high yields currently available?
  3. To grow your capital on share re-bounds, with capital protection for peace of mind always in place in case of further falls?


Our compounded returns since inception ranged between 6.1% pa- 7.6% pa through to March 2015.  Since that time the ‘blue chip’ stocks in which we invest has experienced substantial falls.  We have preserved our investor’s capital despite these price falls and are well positioned to benefit from any stock price re-bounds.

We’ve achieved total compounded returns of 31% since our inception, significantly higher than cash returns.

We have a track record for 21 consecutive quarters since our inception in December 2010 of our investors never experiencing losses exceeding 2% of their investment capital at any time. 

We buy and hold blue chip stocks and pass on the franked dividend.  We simultaneously enter the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) options market to hedge risk.  We are always fully invested with a risk-return profile at all times to participate in share price upside with minimal capital at risk.

Throughout the investment cycle we preserve capital when markets fall, and make money in rising markets.     We have a track record of capturing 30% - 50% of any upside, and protection in place in case of further falls.

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